Guess what? Henry Golding, the talented actor from Downtown Owl, and his wonderful wife have some exciting news to share! They’ve just welcomed their second bundle of joy into the world. Liv, the amazing founder of FitSphere, shared all the heartwarming details in a sweet birth story on her company’s website.

They even posted a candid video of their special moments in the hospital with their precious newborn. Liv wrote, “The journey of childbirth is full of its ups and downs, but glorious none the other,” and we couldn’t agree more! According to Liv’s touching account, their newest addition arrived on September 9th at 9:03 AM.

The couple decided on the beautiful name Florence Likan Golding, and they lovingly call her Flo. This little angel now joins their family alongside their first darling, Lyla, who was born in March 2021. What a heartwarming chapter for this lovely family! 🌟


After little Flo made her grand entrance, she faced a few health hurdles. Even though she seemed fine at first, she had a bit of trouble with her breathing. The doctors found out she’d swallowed meconium while in the womb, which turned into pneumonia. It meant a 10-day course of antibiotics, but don’t worry, her health was on the upswing. Her lungs were going to heal, but for the first couple of weeks, she needed some extra care in the NICU.

Meanwhile, Liv, being the amazing mom she is, left the hospital with plans to visit her daughter and provide all the love and milk she needed. But then, life threw a little curveball. Liv had to check back in due to some health challenges of her own. Turns out, she had a blood infection that needed some attention and a bit more time in the hospital.

Now, the good news is that both mom and baby are on the mend. Liv took a moment to look back on this wild journey and wrote, “Healing from postpartum, a blood infection, becoming a mother of two, and breastfeeding at the same time was an intense experience that rebirthed me at the same time as my daughter Florence. When a life-changing moment presents itself we have a choice to change with it.” Such wise words from a strong and loving mom! 💖


Let’s shower Henry and Liv with a big round of congratulations on the adorable arrival of baby Flo! 🎉👶 Sending them all the good vibes for continued health and happiness as they embrace this new chapter as a family of four. 💕

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