Gordon Ramsay, the famous chef from Kitchen Nightmares, and his wife Tana just had their sixth baby! They surprised everyone because they didn’t tell anyone they were expecting. They both shared the news on Instagram. Tana said, “It was a bit scary for 9 months, but we made it, and now we have this little bundle of joy.” Gordon, who shares a birthday with the new baby on November 8th, said, “What an awesome birthday gift! Another addition to the Ramsay family!”



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They named the baby Jesse James Ramsay. Gordon and Tana mentioned that this will be their last baby. Tana said, “Our Ramsay family is complete,” and Gordon added, “3 boys, 3 girls… finished!”

Gordon and Tana got married in 1996 and already have five other kids. There are two daughters, Megan (25) and Tilly (22), and fraternal twins Jack and Holly (23). They also have a 4-year-old, Oscar, born in 2019. Holly posted a pic with the new baby, saying, “I’m a big sister again, and my heart is so full.” Tilly is also super excited to have another brother, saying, “Feeling so lucky to have another amazing brother and be a big sister again!” Tilly, who is following in her dad’s chef footsteps, also shares a birthday with her dad and baby Jesse. How cool is that?

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