Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey are going to have a new baby! They told everyone by playing a game where they whispered a secret. The youngest in the family said he’s going to be a big brother, and everyone was so happy! Audrey wrote that they’re super excited to have another little one in their family. They didn’t say when the new baby will come.


Jeremy and Audrey already have three kids. Their first, Ember Jean, was born in September 2017. Then came a boy, Bode James, in January 2020, and another boy, Radley Knight, in November 2021.

This month, they celebrated Radley turning two years old. Audrey shared on Instagram that two-year-olds are great! She said they’re fun, sweet, and always ready to try new things. She thinks people should talk about how awesome two-year-olds are, instead of saying it’s a tough time.




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