Are you in search of a unique and endearing name for your little one? Look no further! We’ve curated a special list of baby names with meanings related to the charming world of hamsters. Each name has its own distinct origin, offering you a wide array of options to choose from.

Delve into this delightful collection and find the perfect name that resonates with you and your little bundle of joy.



Origin: Old English
Popular Figures: Meaning ‘ruler of all,’ Alveric exudes strength and authority, making it a perfect choice for a determined and noble individual.


Origin: Igbo (Nigeria)
Popular Figures: Meaning ‘grace’ or ‘immortal,’ Amara embodies a sense of divine favor and enduring beauty.
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Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: Derived from Greek mythology, Belphoebe signifies ‘bright’ and ‘shining,’ embodying a radiant and luminous presence.
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Origin: Dutch
Popular Figures: Bram, of Dutch origin, signifies ‘raven’ or ‘father of multitudes,’ representing wisdom and foresight.
More about: Bram Baby Name Details


Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: With Greek roots, Calliope means ‘beautiful voice’ or ‘epic voice,’ signifying eloquence and artistic expression.
More about: Calliope Baby Name Details


Origin: Old English
Popular Figures: With roots in Old English, Cedric means ‘bounty’ or ‘generous,’ representing a kind and giving nature.
More about: Cedric Baby Name Details


Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: Damaris, meaning ‘gentle,’ evokes a sense of tenderness and compassion, making it a beautiful choice for your little one.
More about: Damaris Baby Name Details


Origin: Italian
Popular Figures: Dante, an Italian name, translates to ‘enduring’ or ‘steadfast,’ representing unwavering determination and resilience.


Origin: Irish
Popular Figures: This Irish name means ‘wealthy protector,’ signifying a guardian with prosperity and strength.
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Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: Elara, derived from Greek mythology, signifies ‘bright’ and ‘shining,’ exuding a radiant and luminous presence.
More about: Elara Baby Name Details


Origin: Irish
Popular Figures: Originating from Ireland, Fallon means ‘leader’ or ‘superior,’ embodying a strong and commanding presence.
More about: Fallon Baby Name Details


Origin: Latin
Popular Figures: Meaning ‘fortunate’ or ‘happy,’ Felix conveys a sense of positivity and good fortune.
More about: Felix Baby Name Details


Origin: Italian
Popular Figures: Originating from Italy, Gemma means ‘gem’ or ‘jewel,’ representing rare and precious beauty.
More about: Gemma Baby Name Details


Origin: Hebrew
Popular Figures: Gideon, a Hebrew name, signifies ‘mighty warrior,’ representing courage and valor.
More about: Gideon Baby Name Details


Origin: Old English
Popular Figures: Meaning ‘heathland’ or ‘field,’ Hadley brings forth a sense of natural beauty and tranquility.
More about: Hadley Baby Name Details


Origin: English
Popular Figures: Harlow, an English name, means ‘hare’s mound’ or ‘rock hill,’ evoking a connection with nature and stability.
More about: Harlow Baby Name Details


Origin: Celtic
Popular Figures: With Celtic origins, Imogen means ‘maiden’ or ‘innocent,’ conveying purity and grace.
More about: Imogen Baby Name Details


Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: With Greek origins, Indigo signifies the deep blue color, symbolizing depth, wisdom, and spiritual insight.
More about: Indigo Baby Name Details


Origin: Persian
Popular Figures: Originating from Persia, Jasper symbolizes ‘treasurer’ or ‘bringer of treasure,’ signifying abundance and richness.
More about: Jasper Baby Name Details


Origin: Latin
Popular Figures: Jules, derived from Latin, means ‘youthful’ or ‘downy-bearded,’ representing vitality and youthful energy.
More about: Jules Baby Name Details


Origin: Irish
Popular Figures: Keegan, an Irish name, translates to ‘small flame’ or ‘ardent,’ representing passion and intensity.


Origin: Irish
Popular Figures: Kieran, an Irish name, translates to ‘little dark one’ or ‘dark-haired,’ signifying a distinctive and unique presence.


Origin: Scottish
Popular Figures: Lachlan, a Scottish name, means ‘warlike’ or ‘from the fjord-land,’ reflecting strength and valor.


Origin: Latin
Popular Figures: Livia, of Latin descent, signifies ‘blue’ or ‘envious,’ embodying a sense of depth and intensity.
More about: Livia Baby Name Details


Origin: Hebrew
Popular Figures: Micah, a Hebrew name, translates to ‘who is like God?’ representing humility and a strong connection to the divine.
More about: Micah Baby Name Details


Origin: Old French
Popular Figures: Derived from Old French, Millicent signifies ‘strong in work’ or ‘industrious,’ embodying diligence and determination.
More about: Millicent Baby Name Details


Origin: Old English
Popular Figures: Meaning ‘by the ash tree,’ Nash evokes a connection with nature and the enduring qualities of the ash tree.
More about: Nash Baby Name Details


Origin: Irish
Popular Figures: Meaning ‘famous’ or ‘noble,’ Nola conveys a sense of distinction and prominence.
More about: Nola Baby Name Details


Origin: Latin
Popular Figures: With Latin origins, Octavia means ‘eighth’ or ‘eighth-born,’ representing a strong and independent spirit.
More about: Octavia Baby Name Details


Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: With Greek roots, Orion means ‘rising in the sky’ or ‘hunter,’ symbolizing strength and purpose.
More about: Orion Baby Name Details


Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: Phoebe, derived from Greek, signifies ‘bright’ and ‘radiant,’ exuding a luminous and vibrant presence.
More about: Phoebe Baby Name Details


Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: Piers, derived from Greek, signifies ‘stone’ or ‘rock,’ conveying a sense of stability and steadfastness.
More about: Piers Baby Name Details


Origin: Old French
Popular Figures: Originating from Old French, Quincy means ‘estate of the fifth son,’ reflecting a rich history and heritage.
More about: Quincy Baby Name Details


Origin: Irish
Popular Figures: Quinlan, an Irish name, translates to ‘slender’ or ‘graceful,’ representing a poised and elegant demeanor.
More about: Quinlan Baby Name Details


Origin: Welsh
Popular Figures: With roots in Wales, Rhiannon means ‘great queen’ or ‘divine queen,’ embodying regal grace and power.
More about: Rhiannon Baby Name Details


Origin: Hebrew
Popular Figures: Samson, a Hebrew name, translates to ‘sun’ or ‘brightness,’ signifying radiant strength and vitality.
More about: Samson Baby Name Details


Origin: Aramaic
Popular Figures: Thaddeus, with Aramaic origins, means ‘courageous heart’ or ‘heart of courage,’ representing bravery and fortitude.
More about: Thaddeus Baby Name Details


Origin: Hebrew
Popular Figures: Uriah, of Hebrew descent, signifies ‘God is my light’ or ‘flame of God,’ embodying spiritual illumination and guidance.
More about: Uriah Baby Name Details


Origin: Latin
Popular Figures: Derived from Latin, Verity signifies ‘truth’ and ‘honesty,’ embodying a sense of sincerity and authenticity.
More about: Verity Baby Name Details


Origin: Old English
Popular Figures: Meaning ‘joy stone’ or ‘happy town,’ Winston conveys a cheerful and optimistic disposition.


Origin: Greek
Popular Figures: With Greek roots, Xander means ‘defender of the people,’ representing a protector and advocate for others.
More about: Xander Baby Name Details


Origin: Persian
Popular Figures: Originating from Persian, Yasmine signifies ‘jasmine flower,’ evoking a sense of beauty and elegance.
More about: Yasmine Baby Name Details


Origin: Hebrew
Popular Figures: Zeke, a Hebrew name, translates to ‘God strengthens,’ symbolizing inner strength and resilience.
More about: Zeke Baby Name Details



In conclusion, we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these unique baby names with meanings related to hamsters. Choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy is a special moment, and we’re delighted to have been a part of it. Do you have any other names in mind? Share your suggestions with us!

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