Trisha Paytas, the person who makes videos on YouTube, is going to have another baby! She told everyone on Instagram that she and her husband, Moses Hacmon, are going to have their second baby. They already have a cute daughter, Malibu Barbie, who is going to be a big sister soon.


Trisha shared some pictures on Instagram to tell everyone about the baby news. In one picture, she, her husband, and their daughter are all wearing similar colors, and Trisha is holding pictures of the baby inside her tummy. In another picture, Malibu Barbie is wearing a sweater that says “big sister.” The new baby is supposed to come in May 2024.

Trisha was really happy about her first baby’s birthday last September. She wrote on Instagram that being a mommy to Malibu Barbie is the best thing ever. She said her daughter is full of love and makes her forget about sad things. Trisha and Moses got married in December 2021, and not long after, they shared the news that they were going to have a baby.



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Trisha started dating Moses in 2020, and they got engaged the same year. They got married in December, and a few months later, Trisha told everyone she was going to be a mom. Now, they are excited to welcome their second baby in May!

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